"Finally, a book that reveals the secret ways an average person can own a business using none of their own cash and how YOU can get into the "business flipping" game."


"From buying a business using its own cash, to negotiating the deal,
to flipping the business for high paydays, Mike reveals the secrets!"

You won't believe how easy it is...                  


Mike Warren, a Colorado based publisher, has written numerous "Best Selling" Money Making Home Study Courses. Mike is the expert entrepreneurs go to when they want to buy and flip a business with the businesses own cash.


Mike's "Live" trainings are attended by entrepreneurs, who want the dream of having their own business without breaking the bank. Mike is a recognized expert in business acquisition, business credit and financial investments.


Buying a business if often surrounded in mystery and misinformation. One of the biggest myths about buying a business is that it requires a lot of cash. In fact, by reading this book, you will find that you can buy a business without using any of your own cash. It is a reality, not a fantasy.


You may find a business that does require a little bit of cash but you know what ?


The Cash is readily available from other people. It does not have to be your cash and often it can come from the most unexpected of sources.


The American Dream was to own a house. Now the American Dream is getting rid of the job, being your own boss and having a business that provides you a six or seven figure income each year to support the lifestyle that you want.


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Mike, I am still new to buying businesses and would like to get more involved in being my own boss. How to Buy A Business Using Its own Cash will multiply my earnings, stabilize my income and put me in the drivers seat of my business. ...I want the book and I am willing to make a donation to the Eric Trump Foundation to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. I understand all proceeds go to benefit the kids.

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