Cashing In with Defaulted Mortgages



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Cashing In With Defaulted Paper

Description of Cashing In With Defaulted Paper System:

  • Mike's 3 step process to $12,000 in 30 days
  • How to turn defaulted mortgages into cash
  • How to buy real estate for 20% on the dollar
  • How to market specifically for defaulted mortgages & good mortgages
  • How to Easily get a DIL, which is Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Learn how to successfully flip the deal with no cash out of your pocket

You Get


This is what you will get... all for just $0!!!

  1. Complete Cashing In With Defaulted Paper system Binder (270 plus pages)
  2. 3 Complete CD’s for those who prefer listening.
  3. Step by step blue print for HUGE PROFITS even if you are a 1st time newbie.
  4. Access to Mike’s personal private funding for flipping a deal for fast cash.
  5. Unlimited email & fax coaching support


Over $12,000 Of Additional Bonuses When You Act Now!

You Get


Bonus Million Dollar Rolodex of Note Buyers


Bonus Title Holding Trust


Bonus Turn Note into DIL


Bonus Guide on Fixing The Note


Bonus Note Owners Manual


Bonus The Marketing for Clients Guide


Bonus Sample Marketing Pieces


Bonus Power Negotiating Scripts

Plus, SUPER Bonus you'll also get DVD's (online version) from my last $5,000 Bootcamp that show you find the right banks and how to negotiate the best deal

Plus, SUPER Bonus you'll also get
One FREE 30-Minute Coaching Session


FREE Trial Membership - When you get your books and CD's today you'll also receive a free 30-day trial membership into my "Cashing In With Defaulted Paper" Fast Track members area. The members area actually includes 2 sections. 1 section is for all of the bonuses, video trainings, pdf etc that go with the home study course. The 2nd section is our general coaching area that has past coaching call recordings, webinars, books and reports available for download. Plus, if after the 30-day trial period you decide the Fast Track isn't for you you can cancel your $98 membership at any time no questions asked (Value $98).

(Enjoy your 30 day trial of the Insiders Circle- I'll send you a newsletter full of powerful investing and marketing strategies by email along with instant access to coaching calls for that month. Once your original 30-day trial membership is complete you will be activated as a member and a small $98 charge will be made to your account monthly, which you can cancel at anytime.)


Unadvertised Bonus: Up to 3 passes (1 for you, 1 for your spouse, and 1 for your business partner) to the Multiple Income Streams, 2 Day Bootcamp covering buying defaulted notes from banks and individuals, creating cash flow with DIL, how to use options for instant profits & zero risk.



Retail Value




Yes Mike! It's obvious that this course and your offer is the best deal on the planet. Your System will multiply my earnings, stabilize my income and put my business on auto pilot. I know I get everything plus the free trial in your coaching club for just your hard costs of production and shipping.

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