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Cashing In With Judgments,
Liens & Options

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judgment course
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1) The Cashing In With Judgments, Liens & Options Home Study Course
  • 19 Instructional modules
  • Cheat sheets & study guides
  • Access to forms, contracts, and marketing pieces (Mike has spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees on these forms and contracts)
  • 3 downloadable reference manuals
Over $10,000 Of Additional Bonuses When You Act Now!
Bonus #1: Internet research video $995
Bonus #2: Downloadable options training to put cash in your pocket in 7 days $995
Bonus #3: 1 FREE month of Coaching Club Membership that includes group coaching calls PLUS access to the Training Center. $97.17
Bonus #4: Up to 3 passes to the Cashflow Workshop. Topics include creating cash flow with DIL, using options for instant profits & zero risk, profiting from buying defaulted bank notes in "pools", Tax Deed investing and more $9K
Bonus #5: Right to flip deals for a commission AND get 100% of your investment back Value Priceless Priceless
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Mike has just completed a special version of his course for use in Canada. It includes the forms needed and covers the laws giving you the authority to collect and special cases that apply in Canada. If you need the Canadian version, please indicate in the comments section of your order form.

Single Pay Option

Option One: Mike, I am not a newbie and it's obvious that the Judgment & Lien Money Machine System will multiply my earnings, stabilize my income and put my business on auto pilot. I don't want to screw around with payments, just give me your one time best price...For serious players this is the best option...

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For One Payment of Just $995



2-Month Payment Plan

Option Two: Yes Mike! I want an easy system like yours that allows me to use options and judgments to cash BIG checks month after month, but I'm just starting out. If you can split it up to get me started that would be great...OK, Your best option is to...

Add The Cashing In With Judgments, Liens & Options Home Study Course To Your Cart
For TWO Easy Installments of Just $597



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