Outsourcing X-Factor

“Discover the Single Most Profitable and Productive Tool In Your Office Arsenal and Most People Don’t Even Know About It!”

“A Complete ‘System’ to show YOU How to Triple your Production and Profit with the magic of Virtual Assistants. Finally a proven way to allow you to get more done while spending a lot less!”

You won’t believe how easy it is to…


Find them for as little as 5-10 cents per task.


Hire full-time VA for as little as $1.38 per hour


How to "outsource the outsourcing"


How to train and monitor everything your VA does in less than an hour a day!


Online Courses will show you how to harness the power of Virtual Assistants, Assign one to search the internet while another works on your business web pages. Even hire a third to work on that book cover or audio cd!

You Get


1 copy of the Virtual Assistant Home System


Audio's & Videos to cover every aspect of finding, hiring, training and monitoring a VA for fast and profitable results.


Full Reference manuals in digital format



Over $1,400 Of Additional Bonuses When You Act Now!

Bonus #1: Fiverr Rockstar


Bonus #2: Youtube Traffic


Bonus #3: Crowdsourcing: secrets to getting thousands of VA’s to work for you for as little as 5-10 cents per task.


Bonus #4: Access to members-only website with additional training’s, downloads and videos, mind maps. powerpoints, spreadsheets, job descriptions and more


Bonus #5: Judgment Business VA Training Module


Retail Value




Single Pay Option

Option One: Mike, I am not a newbie and it’s obvious that the Outsourcing X-Factor System will multiply my earnings, stabilize my income and put my business on auto pilot. I don’t want to screw around with payments, just give me your one time best price…For serious players this is the best option…

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