Nevada (NV) Tax Deed Sales

Sale Type: Hybrid Tax Deed
Interest Rate: 12% APR
Bid Method: Highest Bidder
Redemption Period: 2 Years
Sale Date(s): Year Round
State Statute(s): Chapter 361

Nevada State Overview

In Nevada, county treasurers sell tax deeds to the winning bidders at the delinquent tax deed sales.

  • Tax Sale Type: Tax Deed (Sec. 361.595 (4)).
  • Contact: County Treasurer. (Sec. 361.595).
  • Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: Not applicable.
  • Bid Procedure: Premium bid / highest bid. (Sec. 361.595 (2)).
  • Redemption Period: Not applicable.
  • Law: Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 361, “Property Tax.”

Clark County is an exception to the state’s rules.  Tax lien certificates are offered in Clark County (Las Vegas).

State County Contact Info
NV Humboldt
NV Lander
NV Lincoln
NV Lyon
NV Mineral
NV Nye
NV Pershing
NV Storey
NV Washoe
NV White Pine
NV Carson City
NV Churchill
NV Clark
NV Douglas
NV Elko
NV Esmeralda
NV Eureka


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