North Dakota (ND) Tax Deed Sales

Sale Type: Tax Deed
Bid Method: Highest Bidder
Sale Date(s): November
State Statute(s): Title 57, CH 57-28
Over-the-Counter: Yes
State Website:

North Dakota State Overview

In 2006 and 2007 each county in North Dakota held their annual tax deed auctions on the 3rd tuesday of November.

In North Dakota, the tax collector or treasurer will sell tax deeds to the winning bidders at the delinquent property tax sales.

  • Tax Sale Type: Tax Deed (Sec. 57-28-16).
  • Contact: County Treasurer or County Auditor. (Sec. 57-28-15).
  • Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: Not applicable.
  • Bid Procedure: Premium bid / highest bid. (Sec. 57-28-15).
  • Redemption Period: Not applicable.
  • Law: North Dakota Century Code, Title 57, Chapter 57-28, “Rights of County When Lands Not Redeemed.”
State County Contact Info
ND Adams
ND Barnes
ND Benson
ND Billings
ND Botineau
ND Bowman
ND Burke
ND Burleigh
ND Cass
ND Cavalier
ND Dickey
ND Divide
ND Dunn
ND Eddy
ND Emmons
ND Foster
ND Grand Forks
ND Golden Valley
ND Grant
ND Griggs
ND Hettinger
ND Kidder
ND Lamoure
ND Logan
ND Mchenry
ND Mcintosh
ND Mckenzie
ND Mclean
ND Mercer
ND Morton
ND Mountrail
ND Nelson
ND Oliver
ND Pembina
ND Pierce
ND Ramsey
ND Ransom
ND Renville
ND Richland
ND Rolette
ND Sargent
ND Sheridan
ND Sioux
ND Slope
ND Stark
ND Steele
ND Stutsman
ND Towner
ND Traill
ND Walsh
ND Ward
ND Wells
ND Williams


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