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How to Buy a Business Using Its Own Cash

This unique book walks you through the successful stories of different people on how they are able to utilize creative real estate techniques to buy existing and super profitable business using none of you own money.  The book is supported by video case studies from students buying their first business using none of their own money.  These are companies doing $1 million dollars a year in profit and they were able to acquire them without their own cash or credit.  Spectacular read.

  • Use the assets of a business to buy it (not your cash or credit)
  • No-money down business buying (the business pays for itself)
  • You don’t have to be the expert
  • Real life case studies
  • The difference between real estate and buying a business is 1 or 2 zeros of profit in your favor when you buy a business
  • Someone else (an expert) runs the business for you
  • The business can be anywhere in the world
  • We can partner with you to close the deal

18% Guaranteed By The Government

What could be better than earning 16%, 18% or even 36% per year on your money and it is guaranteed by the government?  This is s a system that has been set up for over 20 0years and has not changed.  The governments know all about because they wrote the rules.  Learn how to tap into this hidden field that is available in every state.  Some variations of course.  For instance in some states rather thatn getting your interest on your money you would get highly valued real estate (residential or commercial and not slums) for just the cost of back taxes and all other debts wiped out.  In other words, you can get houses from a couple of hundred dollars to just a few thousand dollars.  These properties could then be rented out or quickly sold for lumps sums of cash.  Your choice.

  • Virtual business
  • 16% - 36% interest per year on your money
  • Safer than any bank
  • Get a high rate of return or get a property FREE & CCLEAR for all debts
  • Get property for as little as $10

Making Money With Judgments, Liens & Options

What If you could make a massive profit by dealing with the debts on a property (no cash out of pocket) while someone else buys the property.  And get this, you never buy, sell or rent anything.  You get paid within days or weeks.  Everything can be done online, and it does not matter where you live.  This system can be done on residential or commercial property.

  • How to make money “virtually” using the internet! (meaning you never have to leave your home; you never have to meet face to face with clients and never have to go to court)
  • How to find unlimited number of leads ABSOLUTELY for free.
  • How to outsource all the work and keep a large percentage of all the profit
  • How to control of the debt on property for no more than $1.00 out of your pocket. It does not matter if the house is in foreclosure, is being bought by a new homeowner or is under contract with an investor doing a short sale. You still get paid.
  • Sit back and let someone else buy the property.
  • You never buy anything or risk more than $1.00.
  • And so much more!

Making Money With "Bad Bank Notes"

Did you know that you can buy a single note (mortgage) or a pool (100’s of mortgages) from banks and also from individuals and make massive returns on your investment?  The process is different than it was years ago.  You need to stay up with techniques that are working today.  Who to talk to?  How to approach the lender?  How to get the lender to forgive the debt (wipe it out for $0.00)?

  • How to find deals online
  • How to structure deals (analyze the numbers)
  • How to negotiate like a pro!
  • How to get deals for as little as 5 cents on the dollar
  • What 96% of people don’t know about building wealth!
  • How to use simple ideas to make millions!
  • Learn why banks will do back flips and beg you to take the house off their hands at a tremendous discount.
  • And so much more!


America is headed for a financial crisis with all the foreclosure and rent moratoriums.  What that means is that lender and landlords have not been able to evict or foreclose because of Covid-19 restrictions. But here is the thing.  The money is still owed.  Someone must pay it.  The “Bill” is going to come due. The sad thing is there will be a massive explosion of foreclosure and evictions in the next couple of years and you will be primed to profit from them but in a way that actually HELPS the homeowner. Here is how it works, and this book will show you more details.  You help the homeowner walk away from their debt and “deed” their property back to the bank.  It does not matter how much equity is in the property.  The homeowner gets the chance to walk away and start over.  You on the other hand get paid up to $10k per homeowner that you help, and you are paid by the Bank!

  • Profit from the wave of foreclosures hitting the country
  • Work from anywhere
  • Virtual business
  • Make up to $10k per deal (from home)
  • You never buy the home/commercial building
  • The bank pays you to help them get the deed and avoid the foreclosure

What Else Do I Receive With My Order?

When you order your Multiple Income Streams Quick Start Kit, you will receive four (4) bonuses worth a total of $392 which includes: free newsletter, free reports, free online hot-tips and a trial membership into my exclusive Inner Circle!

49BONUS #1: Multiple Income Streams Newsletter
You'll be entitled to a FREE 1 month membership in Mike Warren's newsletter called "Multiple Income Streams Newsletter" - this is, by itself, worth $588 per year

47BONUS #2: FREE Trial Membership
When you get your access today, you'll also receive a free 30-day trial membership into my "Multiple Income Streams Insiders Circle" membership program so you can see how powerful and profitable the information truly is. Plus, if after the 30-day trial period you decide the Fast Track isn't for you you can cancel your $47.17 membership at any time no questions asked.

(Enjoy your 30 day trial of the Insiders Circle- I'll send you a real newsletter full of powerful investing and marketing strategies by email along with instant access to coaching calls for that month. Once your original 30-day trial membership is complete you will be activated as a member and a small $47.17 charge will be made to your account monthly, which you can cancel at anytime.)

197BONUS #3: Free Online "How-To" Newsletter - get 52 FREE hot tips delivered to your email box each week on creating your Cash Generating Real Estate Empire.
You don't want to miss a minute of this powerful, timely, and profitable information. Discover Mike's exact steps to following up and ensuring his deals close on time. Plus you will get insider tips and strategies for creating Multiple Income Streams that pay you each and every month

BONUS #4: Weekly Coaching Calls
Listen in weekly as Mike and his staff train you on how to create and manage a real estate cash generating empire. This is a private opportunity only available to Mike's inner circle coaching students. You will also get access to recordings of the call so you don't miss a minute of this powerful, timely, and profitable information. The calls can be downloaded to your computer or copied to your mobile device for easy listening.

Total Bonus Value

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 Why did I record this material? Because years ago I was scratching for success in the real estate investing business. I've been around in good markets and bad markets. I've been at the bottom of the investing barrel and totally built back up to a real estate investing empire, now I've decided to share his secret real estate cash generating information with you so you can do the same... This powerful material was created just for you.

I am sharing with you the techniques that work, the ones you need to know, and with this Quick Start System, you can listen to them over and over again. Whenever you want, wherever you want! Are you willing to invest $39.95 in your education?

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