South Carolina (SC) Tax Deed Sales

Sale Type: Lien Certificates
Interest Rate: 3%-12%
Bid Method: Highest Bidder
Redemption Period: 12 – 18 Months
Sale Date(s): Fall
Statute Section(s): Code of Laws Of SC – Title 12, CH 51
Over-the-Counter: No
State Website:
  • There are 46 County Delinquent Tax Collectors (often referred to as simply the Tax Collector) or, if there is no such office, refer to the County Treasurer.
  • Note: In most Counties, the Treasurer collects only current real property taxes and the County Delinquent Tax Collector (or Tax Collector) collects only delinquent real property taxes and conducts the annual tax sales.

In South Carolina, tax collector’s sell tax lien certificates to the winning bidders at the delinquent property tax sales. The winning bidder is the one willing to pay the most for the tax lien certificate.

The homeowner has approximately one (1) year from the date the tax lien certificate was purchased to redeem. Depending on when the homeowner redeems he or she will be charged a 3% to 12% penalty. Upon the expiration of the one (1) year redemption the investor may apply for the tax deed.

Tax Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificates. (Sec. 12-51-130).

Contact: Tax Collector. (Sec. 12-51-60).

Interest Rate and/or Penalty Rate: Depending on the month of redemption 3% to 12% penalty (see “Additional Notes”). (Sec. 12-51-90).

Bid Procedure: Premium bid / highest bid. (Sec. 12-51-55).

Redemption Period: One (1) year. (Sec. 12-51-90).

Law: Code of Laws of South Carolina, Title 12, Chapter 51 – “Alternate Procedure for Collection of Property Taxes”.

Additional Notes:

Penalty due at Redemption: According to (Sec. 12-51-90) ‘the defaulting taxpayer, …may within twelve months from the date of the delinquent tax sale redeem each item of real estate by paying to the person officially charged with the collection of delinquent taxes, assessments, penalties, and costs, together with interest…

According to (Sec. 12-51-90 (B)) the amount charged to redeem is based on the month during the redemption period that the property is redeemed;

  • First three months (3%) percent of the bid amount
  • Months four, five, and six (6%) percent of the bid amount
  • Months seven, eight, and nine (9%) percent of the bid amount
  • Last three months (12%) percent of the bid amount

According to (Sec. 12-51-100) ‘Upon the real estate being redeemed,…The successful purchaser, at the delinquent tax sale, shall promptly be notified by mail to return the tax sale receipt to the person officially charged with the collection of delinquent taxes in order to be expeditiously refunded the purchase price plus the interest provided in Section 12-51-90‘.

According to (Sec. 12-51-130) upon ‘failure of the defaulting taxpayer,… to redeem realty within the time period allowed for redemption, the person officially charged with the collection of delinquent taxes, within thirty days or as soon after that as possible, shall make a tax title to the purchaser or the purchaser’s assignee‘.

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