Vermont (VT) Tax Lien Sales

Sale Type: Tax Liens
Interest Rate: 12% APR
Bid Method: Highest Bidder/Bid Down % Ownership
Redemption Period: 1 year
Sale Date(s): Varies by County
State Statute(s): Title 32, CH 133
Over-the-Counter: No
State Website:

Vermont State Overview

There are 237 Towns and 9 Cities that collect real property taxes in Vermont.  Typically, the Town Treasurer or Tax Collector collects real property taxes; however, a town can choose one of five procedures to collect taxes. Taxes may be collected by any of the elected  officials that have been appointed for tax collection. You may not find all of the information for each county under the tax collector or assessor, you may have to look under other officials who have been appointed for tax collection.  Sometimes the sales are handled by a law firm representing that county.   Here are four rules of thumb for Vermont:

  • There is an automatic tax lien on real estate as soon as the grand list is lodged in the town clerk’s office;
  • Taxes “run” with the property. If the property is sold with taxes outstanding, the property is still subject to the lien and tax sale – meaning it is up to the new owner to assure the taxes are paid;
  • Acceptance of full or partial payment of overdue taxes shall not preclude the town from collecting the remaining balance of taxes, and any interest or penalties thereon;
  • Once a tax bill or warrant is issued, it must be either paid in full or fully abated or some combination thereof. The criteria for abatement are very limited! (See 24 V.S.A. § 1535.) A town cannot “write-off” delinquent taxes – they must either be paid or abated in full.
State County Contact Info
VT Addison
VT Andover
VT Arlington
VT Baltimore
VT Barnard
VT Barnet
VT Barre Town Of
VT Belvidere
VT Bennington
VT Benson
VT Berkshire
VT Salisbury
VT Sandgate
VT Searsburg
VT Shaftsbury
VT Sharon
VT Sheffield
VT Shelburne
VT Sheldon
VT Sherburne
VT Shoreham
VT Shrewsbury
VT South Burlington
VT South Hero
VT Springfield
VT St. Albans City
VT St. Albans Town
VT St. George
VT St. Johnsbury
VT Stafford
VT Stamford
VT Stannard
VT Starksboro
VT Stockbridge
VT Stowe
VT Stratton
VT Sudbury
VT Sunderland
VT Sutton
VT Swanton
VT Thetford
VT Tinmouth
VT Topsham
VT Townshend
VT Troy
VT Tunbridge
VT Underhill
VT Vergennes
VT Vernon
VT Vershire
VT Victory
VT Waitsfield
VT Walden
VT Wallingford
VT Waltham
VT Wardsboro
VT Warren
VT Washington
VT Waterbury
VT Waterford
VT Waterville
VT Weathersfield
VT Wells
VT West Fairlee
VT West Haven
VT West Rutland
VT West Windsor
VT Westfield
VT Westford
VT Westminster
VT Westmore
VT Weston
VT Weybridge
VT Wheelock
VT Whiting
VT Whitingham
VT Williamstown
VT Williston
VT Windham
VT Windsor
VT Winhall
VT Winooski
VT Wolcott
VT Woodford
VT Woodstock
VT Worcester
VT Berlin
VT Bethel
VT Braintree
VT Brookfield
VT Brownington
VT Brunswick
VT Burke
VT Burlington
VT Cabot
VT Charlotte
VT Dorset
VT Dover
VT Dummerston
VT Duxbury
VT East Haven
VT East Montpelier
VT Eden
VT Elmore
VT Enosburgh
VT Essex
VT Fair Haven
VT Fairfax
VT Fairfield
VT Fairlee
VT Fayston
VT Ferrisburgh
VT Fletcher
VT Franklin
VT Georgia
VT Glover
VT Goshen
VT Grafton
VT Granby
VT Grand Isle
VT Granville
VT Greensboro
VT Groton
VT Guildhall
VT Guilford
VT Halifax
VT Hancock
VT Hardwick
VT Hartford
VT Hartland
VT Highgate
VT Hinesburg
VT Holland
VT Hubbardton
VT Huntington
VT Hyde Park
VT Irasburg
VT Isle La Motte
VT Jay
VT Jericho
VT Johnson
VT Kirby
VT Landgrove
VT Leicester
VT Lemington
VT Lincoln
VT Londonderry
VT Lowell
VT Ludlow
VT Lunenburg
VT Lyndon
VT Maidstone
VT Manchester
VT Marlboro
VT Marshfield
VT Mendon
VT Middlebury
VT Middlesex
VT Middletown Springs
VT Milton
VT Monkton
VT Montgomery
VT Montpelier
VT Moretown
VT Morgan
VT Morristown
VT Mount Holly
VT Mount Tabor
VT New Haven
VT Newark
VT Newbury
VT Newfane
VT Newport City
VT Newport Town
VT North Hero
VT Northfield
VT Norton
VT Norwich
VT Orange
VT Orwell
VT Panton
VT Pawlet
VT Peacham
VT Peru
VT Pittsfield
VT Pittsford
VT Plainfield
VT Plymouth
VT Pomfret
VT Poultney
VT Pownal
VT Proctor
VT Putney
VT Randolph
VT Reading
VT Readsboro
VT Richford
VT Richmond
VT Ripton
VT Rochester
VT Rockingham
VT Roxbury
VT Royalton
VT Rupert
VT Rutland City
VT Rutland Town
VT Ryegate


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